February 28, 2019


To Bazetta Township Residents:

I wanted to make The Bazetta Township residents aware that there is an abundance of information available on our township website.

All of our meeting minutes are available online and we also have recorded meetings that you can watch via You-Tube.  We are working to make all information available for residents to research and review via our website.

We will also be providing a list of grants applied for through the township and any monies granted to us.  These will be listed by departments on our website.  We are doing this so residents can understand that we are doing our part to try to get free monies to stretch our resident’s tax dollars and are invested in the township.  The trustees doing our best to put our residents tax dollars to work for the community.

Coming soon to our township website will be our virtual checkbook.  This will allow residents to see and research any checks that have been written and paid from our township.  Along with the checkbook we will also have a list of monthly reports available by each department.  i.e. road, fire, police, etc.

Bazetta Township also has a Facebook Page that you can track and follow if you would like.

We are doing our best to make sure all of the Bazetta Township information is available to our residents.  Public awareness is our top priority.  Please if you have any questions, or need help navigating our website, please send an email to: trustees@bazettatownship.org.

Thank you and have a good day.

Your Bazetta Township Trustee Chair

Paul W. Hovis