Message from the Fire Chief

//Message from the Fire Chief
Message from the Fire Chief2022-06-20T10:24:47-04:00

Thank you for visiting the Bazetta Fire Department’s website. The men and women of this department recognize our responsibility to help ensure the safety of the people in our Township. We consider public service as a privilege and value the trust we are given by the people we serve. We are dedicated to delivering our services in a courteous, expedient, and efficient manner.

For more than 70 years, our Department has worked hard to adapt and evolve to meet the challenges of providing a wide spectrum of fire services our community. I believe our greatest asset is our team of employees who consistently go the extra mile in delivering these vital services. Its people who carry out our mission and the people who make up the Bazetta Fire Department are all working both individually and collectively to make Bazetta Township a safer place to live and work.

Organizationally, we are faced with an enormous task. The department’s response area covers approximately 22 square miles and we serve a population of more than 5,824, with an increased population during the day of 10,000 to 15,000 with 2 to 4 on-duty firefighter / paramedics. During 2018, we received 1159 calls for emergency service. As a department, we must do more than simply respond when called; we must do all we can to prevent fires, prevent injuries and prepare in advance for emergencies.

I would like to leave you with this thought; you the citizens of Bazetta Township are the customers of Bazetta Fire Department. Without you, there is no need for the Fire Department.  Trustees, Fire Service Officers, Firefighters, and I must respond to this reality and recognize that they must keep our customers satisfied. Service quality is a vital issue in America today.  Trustees, Fire Service Officers, Firefighters, and I must be conscious of the importance of customer service and need to encourage and support customer service within the Department Ranks.

Thus, the challenge for the Trustees, Fire Service Officers, Firefighters, and I is to motivate, lead by example, and provide support for good performance, to encourage innovation, and provide a consistently high quality service in a changing society.

Although Firefighters and their apparatus have undergone many changes through the century, the core mission remains the same – dedication and service to the community they are sworn to protect.


Be Safe – Prevent Harm -Exceed Expectations