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Articles written by Captain Brian Taylor – Fire Prevention Officer

also Published in the Cortland News


A residential fire occurs every half hour in Ohio.  How safe is your home from fire?  To determine the safety of your home from fire hazards, please utilize the Home Fire Safety Checklist. Click here to view.

To assist Bazetta residents in knowing what products are listed as unsafe, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission may be of assistance.

Recall Hotline:  1-800-638-2772
Online: Consumer Product Safety Commission

Open Burning

Bazetta Township follows the Ohio Revised Code rules regarding open burning.

NO OPEN BURNING is permitted in Bazetta Township.

RECREATIONAL FIRES such as cooking and camp fires are permitted as long as they are in an approved container or cleared area.  Recreational fires shall not be conducted within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material.  Conditions which could cause fire spread such as leaves and dry or dead vegetation shall be eliminated prior to ignition.  The size of any recreational fire shall not exceed 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height. All recreational fires shall be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished.  A minimum of one portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating or other approved on-site fire-extinguishing equipment, such as dirt, sand, water barrel or garden hose shall be available for immediate utilization. Any open burning or recreational fire that is offensive or objectionable because of smoke or order emissions or when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous is prohibited. The Bazetta Township Fire Department is authorized to order the extinguishment by the property owner, another person responsible or the fire department of open burning that creates or adds to a hazardous or objectionable situation, per Ohio Fire Code 307.3.


ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency”.

ICE program encourages you to store the word ICE in the address book of your cell phone and to make this listing the phone number to the person who you would like contacted in case of an emergency.  For more than one emergency contact, use ICE2, ICE3, for example.

Emergency workers or hospital staff could utilize this contact information if you are seriously injured and unable to communicate.  When minors are the owners of the cell phone, “ICE” could be a link to a person capable of providing medical consent for treatment.  When seconds matter, this information may be vital.

Candle safety tip:  Always use stable candle holders made of a material such as metal or glass that will not catch fire.  Store matches, lighters and candles out of a child’s reach in an upper or locked cabinet.
Electrical safety tip: Don’t use an extension cord to power an electrical space heater

and only plug one electrical space heating device into an outlet


Wires Down:  All wires should be considered electrical.  Contact First Energy to report any downed wires:  1-888-544-4877

What to Do if a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulb or Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb Breaks in Your Home