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Program members or clients can sign up for the programs by filling out an application.   This application can be
obtained at the Township Building, Police, or Fire Departments.

The application asks for pertinent information and requests the client to choose which program they would like to be enrolled in.  The least intrusive
programs are the “Elderly Call” and the most comprehensive is the “Senior Watch”.
Elderly Call” program is where the senior citizen is part of our“elderly call” list.  On Tuesday or Thursday only (between 8:00 am – 3:00 pm) the police department or firedepartment will call the “client’s homes” to check on their welfare.  Again, if no contact is made an officer will be sent to the home to check on their welfare.
Senior Watch” program is for seniors who may need our help more than others.  These seniors may not have family to check on them or provide assistance. The Police Department or a designated volunteer would visit the client once a week (or more) to check on their welfare.

Once the application is forwarded to the Police Department, it would be entered in our database and a schedule would be set for the client based on the program selected.  As part of the applicationprocess, a “site evaluation” of the client’s home would be completed by a Police or Fire Department official.  This evaluation would help determine any safety concerns or any special requirements needed at the residence.

Bazetta Township believes in a “neighbor helping neighbor” concept and that’s why the “Bazetta Township Senior Watch Program” calls for neighborhood volunteers to assist with our programs.  The volunteers have signed on to help us help our seniors.  Our volunteers have to undergo a thorough background check and receive training in elderly needs and assessments.  Through our volunteers, we will strengthen our relationships between neighbors and neighborhoods.